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Wild & Free Sculpture Winners

  Judges choice Cradle Mountain Candy Co Award: "Freedom of the Mind" by Nicholas Stevens.

freedom of the mind.jpg  














Judges choice Highly Commended:                       " Rusty Bird" by Lindsay Arnold.

rusty bird.jpg

























 People's Choice:                                                     "Tassie Brown" by Don Foster.

tassie brown.jpg



Mural Fest upholds competition rules

 April 3, 2013

In a storm of controversy, Mural Fest finalist Christian Griffiths, aka ‘Sauce’, is now out of the competition.

Governance Manager Phil Turner said the issue arose when Sauce insisted on using his own paint.

Mr Turner said that it was clearly defined in the agreement signed by all finalists that the artists must use the supplied paint.

“Sauce was intending on using a mix of his own paint and the paint provided by us,” Mr Turner said.

“Complying with the terms of the rules, and to be fair for all parties involved, we see it as a compromise in the competition that he didn’t want to abide by,” he said.

Mr Turner said the committee met several times with Sauce in an attempt to resolve the situation, but that he had returned to his mural station and continued to use his own paint.

It was then that he was asked to leave the competition.

Mr Turner said their intention was not to be heavy-handed, but to be fair to all of the other competitors.

Sauce, a seasoned Mural Fest finalist, was painting in the competition for the fourth time.

“We really appreciate Sauce as an artist, and very much wanted him to paint,” Mr Turner said.

“But breaking the rules is not in the spirit of the event,” he said. “Rules are rules, and in the interests of all the other competitors, we have to uphold them.”

“And it’s not just about the art and artists,” Mr Turner said.

“This is a community event, and we need to consider everyone involved, including all of the volunteers who give so generously of their time and skill.”

Arts Manager Julian Bale, a five-time Mural Fest finalist and previous winner, said the rules from day one have been that artists paint with the supplied paint 

“Artists tend to have their favourite paint,” he said. “But most artists have been very happy to comply in the interests of the competition,” he said.

“Sauce is extremely gifted, and he could have finished his mural very easily with the paint provided,” Mr Bale said.

“The paint we supplied can be used for all styles, including graffiti art,” he said. “You can put the paint into pressure cans, to get the same effect as an aerosol.”

“We did everything we could to get Sauce to stay,” Mr Bale said. “Even offering to fill his pressure cans for him.”

Mr Bale said they used a supplied paint in an attempt to keep a level playing field.

“But also, because the murals are commissioned works as such, which may end up on our “Wall of Fame”, we have to consider the issue of longevity and maintenance,” he said. 

The paint supplied is Resene, a world-renowned mural paint. It was chosen for its ease of blending, longevity and consistency – less coats are required, enabling artists to finish their murals faster. It is also one of the most eco-friendly paints in the world.

“We’re trying to give the artists the Rolls Royce quality,” Mr Bale said.

Mr Bale, who is also the curator and restorer of the Sheffield murals, said the problem with using aerosols is an issue of longevity, and with having it curated and restored.

“To seal it is a bit tricky, and also to maintain it,” Mr Bale said.

“You can still do graffiti work, but you have to use the paint supplied.”

Having an artist leave the competition is a first for Mural Fest, but the committee stand by their decision.

Mural Fest president Des Brown said their main concern was in upholding the integrity of the competition.

“Rules are rules,” Mr Brown said. “We have an obligation to all of our finalists and sponsors to run the competition fairly.”

The remaining eight finalists will now compete for the Inder Prize of $12,500. The winner will be announced on Saturday, April 6.



For more information please contact Des Brown on 0429 911 517.

2013 Entries



The imagination wild and free. A child’s mind creates the freedom
which is unrestrained. Searching for the unexpected, creating
anticipation of surprise in the secret location. It is in the heart of the
child that wilderness is found.

Hide And Seek

by Loren Whiffin 

Sponsored by:
IGA X-press
Tony Braid Building 



sanza.jpgBy interlacing the imagery of this poetic stanza with my signature

thematic concerns of exotic surrealism and the boundless potential for
beauty in utopian landscapes, I have created an artwork that seeks to
depict, in vivid dream-like technicolour, the breathless exhilaration and
depth of passion that comes with unbridled freedom.

Poetic Stanza

by Shannon Crees

Sponsored by:
Sheffield Hotel

bonnieandclyde.jpgLeanne’s idea and vision – John’s attempt at painting her thoughts.

Our painting depicts the spiritual link between women and cats. A
Tasmanian convict woman breaks free, her cat awaits, both just a
whisker away from the wild, both about to do a certain amount of
unescorted roaming, while in their eyes, magic resides.


Bonnie and Clyde

by John Eathorne and Leanne Tamas

Sponsored by:
Slaters Country Store 



searchtheheart.jpgNature itself is “freedom unrestrained”. Reaching into your heart to

see the wonderful freedom of nature, no matter how miniscule, is

uplifting the soul. 


Searching The Heart

by Heather Sprott

Sponsored by:
Fudge ‘n’ Good Coffee
Silver Ridge Retreat
The Don Store


1969.jpgXIX LXIX illuminates the possibilities of the space-time continuum,

which as humans, we experience without consciousness. Earth is
paradoxical by being both monumental and insignificant. Humanity
is constantly seeking physical answers to metaphysical questions
which creates barriers and restraints on our own freedom.


by Sauce

Sponsored by:
Treloar Transport 


This mural was inspired by children’s play. Children are so naturally
curious and imaginative that it feels as though their worlds have
no boundaries… like sitting on a swing and pretending to fly… wild
and free.

No Boundaries

by Alicia Swiderski and Dorota Swiderski

Sponsored by:
Targa Tasmania 


There is more out there than we know about... but, that is why they
are still free. If we knew about them they would probably be in a giant
“Goldfish Bowl” somewhere. (Their secret is safe with us!)


Still Free

by Keith and Loretta Sommer

Sponsored by:
Tasmanian Alkaloids 

Mural Fest appoints a dedicated Event Manager

The dynamic new Mural Fest committee has appointed a dedicated Event Manager to ensure smooth sailing at the 2013 festival in Sheffield beginning Easter Sunday.

As a member of the committee for the past five years, Kentish councillor and local business owner Penny Lane was recently asked to take on the role, and she could not be more delighted.



“Mural Fest should be a fantastic fun week for everyone, and I am so looking forward to being at Mural Park each day from start to finish offering whatever help is needed,” Ms Lane said.

Now in its eleventh year, this unique art event, billed as ‘part competition, part festival, all fun’, has grown significantly from the early days of attracting just enough artists to compete. Now eager artists and visitors flock from near and far to partake in this public art extravaganza.

“Each year as the event has grown, the onus on the committee has become so much more complex,” Ms Lane said.

“The team we have now is working so very well, and they understand the important need to fill the role of Event Manager.”

Sponsorship by Mole Creek Hotel and Caltex Sheffield has made it possible for Ms Lane to oversee operations on the ground throughout the week-long event.

“These two businesses have installed faith in me to be a constant part of Mural Fest and enabled me to be at Mural Park for the whole event.”

The ever-bubbly councillor can now be seen around town proudly sporting a vest with her sponsors’ names on it. Ms Lane will also wear the vest for the duration of Mural Fest to ensure easy spotting from afar.

And while keen to ensure a swell experience for visitors to the event, Ms Lane also wants to be there for the team.

“One of the major strengths of an event like this is the people who make it all happen,” she said. “The people who are in the background working all year as volunteers to create this major art event need support, and I’m looking forward to liaising with the Mural Fest managers and volunteers.

“I am part of a vibrant group who want to give to the region of Kentish, so that everyone benefits from thousands of people visiting our awesome area. And I encourage anyone wanting to give some time to Mural Fest to talk with me, or any of our members, about what it's like. I believe that the more people we have to be part of it, the more fun we have,” she said.

Ms Lane can be contacted on 6492 3176. 

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Welcome to Mural Fest!

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International Mural Fest is both a mural art competition and festival held annually at Easter in Sheffield, Tasmania's 'Town of Murals'.

The first of its kind in the world, the competition is held in Mural Park, a purpose-built 'outdoor art gallery' in the heart of Sheffield, and attracts artists and visitors from around the nation and globe. 

For more information please see our About page. And have a browse through our Photos to see Mural Fest in action


2015 Theme
Windows of our Dreams

2015 Poem
Windows of our Dreams

From a place of hope and plenty
Where a wish is all it seems
The wind of change blows gently
Through windows of our dreams
by Keith Sommer

Mural Fest is catching!

International Mural Fest now has a new family member. Inspired by the Sheffield story, a small battling town in South Australia bravely began their own Mural Fest in 2011. Having done an amazing job of getting a significant arts event off the ground, Jamestown Mural Fest is now in its forth year. Congratulations Jamestown!


Show your support on their Facebook page 


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