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Day 3: The murals take shape

Day 3 Photos

Almost at the half way mark in the week long competion and the murals are really starting to take shape. Another fine but cool morning met the artists for the third day of the paint off but this quickly turned into a warm sunny day. Some of the artists again choose to make an early start today to ensure they are on track to complete their mural by Saturday. All the artists are happy with their progress at this stage and are where they would like to be towards the completion of their mural. Looking at the murals at this time it is amazing to see the way the artists go about creating their murals, some artists have their whole background complete and are working on refining their mural and adding the detail to make it perfect while others are perfecting each piece of the mural before moving on to the next aspect.

Today we saw such things as the "Carer of the land" and flock appear in Gillian's mural, Frances & Colin have completed their background and are now hard at work marking the dots that will appear on their murals in the coming days making their "Divine Foodbowl". The sheep that fell of the table of Ferreleth & Julie's mural has now appeared but it didn't fall it was pushed "Who Dunnit?". Keith & Loretta's mural now has "A postcard to Tasmania" in the top left corner. And Christian is working like a "Ravenous Machine" to get his mural up although with the amount of time he is spending on the mural fest face book page we do wonder how he's got so far.

Tonight is the meet the artist evening at Naomi's Kitchen this will be a fantastic evening where people get to have a great meal and then meet and talk to our artisits and find out a bit more about them as artists and their murals.


Important Dates

Sunday, 5th April 2015
Paint Off Starts
Mural Park, Sheffield

Saturday, 11th April 2015
Brushes Down - 1pm

Mural Park, Sheffield

Saturday, 11th April 2015
Winners Announced - 3pm
Mural Park, Sheffield