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Day 2:

Day 2 Photos

Day 2 opened bright and breezy with a dusting of snow on Mt Roland, easily visible from Mural Park. However that melted away around 9am, about the time that the first visitors came to watch our Mural Artists.  And the sun shone all day long.  

Fere Lee and Julie were first on the scene working behind their cafe curtains adding some humorous cupcakes to their "Who dunnit?" mural.
John Eathorne was also starting early adding more details to his mural showing a curious set of glass reflections in a wax museum, resulting in the golden arches meeting a traditional Aboriginal camp!

Ella Yates' Goldilocks and a family of bears took shape today with many surprised comments from young and old alike about this very different take on the Food bowl theme.

Queensland couples Frances Rowland Wregg with husband Colin (mural 7), and Keith and Loretta Sommers (mural 9) all made great progress during the day with many visitors stopping to chat with them.

Gillian Robnik's calm demeanour delighted visitors as she confidently worked on her mural and talked to everyone who struck up a conversation.

Aimee Bell spent a good deal of time cutting paper stencils for her mural. Gusts of wind made things a bit difficult  for her but it is coming along well Aimee said.

Last years winner Christian Griffiths mural looks near complete  from a distance but he says there are many details to include that will take a long while.

Alicia Swiderski on mural 8 is very happy with  progress on her mural depicting rural productivity alongside  drought and desertification.

During the day over 2000 visitors came through Mural Park and the votes for favourite murals flooded in, especially in the afternoon.

Celebrity chef Nigel Squibb delighted the crowds with two demonstrations of food preparations during the day. He also cooked lunch for the artists and the feedback (pardon the pun) was 10/10. Thank you Nigel!
The Kentish Lions Club were also cooking for visitors during the day with great burgers and sausages. All  their profits from the day were for childhood Cancer research. 
Many thanks to all volunteers and committee members for a hard days work.
During the day Julian Bales mural workshop in Naomi's Kitchen had many people joining in, and it is progressing very well.

The day finished with the opening of the RACT Youth Portraiture exhibition in the Sheffield Town Hall, with other works from Mural Fest artists also on display. A wonderful slide show of the 2003 Mural Fest was shared with the audience thanks to Sally Petersen from Sheffield Inc. And Julian Bale hosted the evening with special guest Brian Inder and Paul Jenkins of Tasmanian Regional Arts (TRA).
Thanks to all the organisers. This exhibition is on display in the Town Hall from 10am to 3pm from Tuesday to Friday, and is well worth a visit. Thanks to TRA- Kentish for arranging and displaying this exhibition.



Important Dates

Sunday, 5th April 2015
Paint Off Starts
Mural Park, Sheffield

Saturday, 11th April 2015
Brushes Down - 1pm

Mural Park, Sheffield

Saturday, 11th April 2015
Winners Announced - 3pm
Mural Park, Sheffield