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WIN $1000


Vote for the artists of your choice by placing a gold coin in the voting envelope with the number of your favourite mural and pop it in a Voting Manor booth in Mural Park at Sheffield.

All votes with gold coin donations go into a draw at the end of the voting period and the winner wins $1000.

This money is provided by the Patrons of Mural Fest, Brian and Laura Inder of Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot.

Poem Deadline


The poem should be 2 – 4 lines on the theme inspired by “Power of Community”.

All ages encouraged. If under 18 please state your date of birth in your entry.

Entries to be mailed to PO Box 169, Sheffield, Tasmania 7306

ENTRIES CLOSE FRIDAY 29th January 2010.

The winning Poem will be used to inspire artists for the 2011 Mural Fest. It was agreed to keep the limit of 2 – 4 lines for the Mural Fest 2011 poem, challenging poets to come up with an inspirational and short poem which will ultimately be interpreted by 9 artists in the Mural painting competition in 2011. The poem will be on display at the Mural Park, Sheffield from the start of “The Wilderness Gallery 2011 International Mural Fest” paint-off during Easter when visitors will get the chance to watch mural art in its creation.

The prize for the winning poem is $100 gift voucher from the Sheffield Bookshop.

Finalists Announced for The Wilderness Gallery 2010 International Mural Fest

The mural artists who will be competing in the week long mural painting competition in Sheffield have been chosen for the 2010 Paint Off.

Now in its eighth year “The Wilderness Gallery 2010 International Mural Fest” is an iconic mural painting event that is popular with both artists and visiting tourists, and this year has attracted entries from all across Australia and New Zealand. The finalists were chosen based on miniature submissions (420mm x 960mm) of their intended mural painting and which depicts their interpretation of the poem “Home” by Cindy Bennett. From dark cave to seaside, Under stars where nights are warm, Home is where you wander –Where your truth and essence are born. It is no surprise that our only overseas finalist this year is no stranger to the competition. Marc Spijkerbosch comes from New Zealand and has managed to be the reigning winner of the 2008 & 2009 International Mural Fest. Local artists have also made it into the frame with Alicia Swiderski, John & Kerrin Eathorne (winner of the people’s choice 2009) & Julian Bale representing Tasmania. Paul Scott  from Western Australia (Finalist in 2009), Fereleth Lee from New South Wales, Christian Griffiths & Dallas Sutherland from Queensland along with our only Victorian Damian Cazaly will be making sure that their home states get a crack at the top mural award as they also have been chosen for the final round.

Below you will find out what each of our finalists has named their entries and what their inspiration was for their submitted work.  

A Formidable Nature – Damian Cazaly (Brunswick, VIC)
My intended mural will convey elements that influenced me growing up in Tasmania, from the sheer formidable strength of the oceans and winds to the tranquillity of the bush and the vast abundant stars above. I also intend to touch upon the natural indigenous energy surrounding the place.

Glowing Depths - Christian Griffiths (Capalaba, Queensland)
My mural proposal entails ideas of inhabited origins and drifting dynamic forms. The design explores notions of co-existence between contrasting and diverse subject matter. For me the 3D style abstract element is the essence of my roots as an artist. Amongst the grottos of the natural environment and modern day cave paintings by street artists is where I feel at home.

GAEA – Alicia Swiderski (Sheffield, Tasmania)
Our home in the widest understanding of this word it is our planet earth. According to Greek mythology her name is Gaea and she is the source of all life.From her comes everything what we need to be alive.
She creates us, and we go back to her after death.

Gone South - John & Kerin Eathorne (Rowella, Tasmania)
A tribute to past Sheffield Mural Artists. The characters in the mural each represent a former competing artist.
……. also in recognition of our convict ancestors who thankfully wandered (or were wandered) down South to Tassie (HOME!)

Plenty more fish in the sea – Paul Scott (Scarborough, WA)
The ocean draws a strong power, eagre you can’t define. Australians travelling overseas seem to feel at home in places their ancestors lived. This may be why we get this strange mood around water.  A feeling of coming home. So why did we move on? Something better around the corner, maybe? This hermit crab, with his house on his back, uses a warm night to find a new home.Running kines in the sand, investigating shadows, open plains and caves. Time is not waisted wandering. It was friends which would make his home, home. 

The Chessboard of Life – Fereleth Lee (Sydney, NSW)
The chessboard of life takes us through many doorways, and I have come to realize that “Home” is not always the place you live or where you come from, but rather a place you find on your journey, whether physical or mental, that safeguards all that is meaningful to you.

The Homesteaders – Julian Bale (Penguin, Tasmania)
The Sculptor downs his tools, satisfied he has truthfully captured the spirit, the essence of these Homesteading Pioneers. Sleeping under stars, they wander vast tracts from caves to sea, seeking a place that reflects their spiritual birthplace. With pick and shovel they carve a home, a community from the wilderness.

The Seeker - Dallas Sutherland (Eumundi, Queensland)
I seek to use the poems explicit imagery by incorporating the dark cave and the seaside, all under a warm starry-night sky. I’m using a fantasy-novel approach – that of “The Quest”. The young seeker, perfectly at home, begins her quest for truth and essence.

TURANGAWAEWAE – Mark Spijkerbosch (Rotorua, NZ)
Ko Tarawera te Maunga (Tarawera is my mountain). I was born here. I grew up here. I fished, tramped, hunted and camped here. I got married here.Everybody has a Turangawaewae – a place of special connection. A place they truly call home.

Notice to All Poets Young and Old

International Mural Fest is calling for poems for the 2011 event.

The poem should be 2-4 lines on the theme of "Power of Community"

All ages encouraged. If under 18 please state this with your entry.
$100 voucher will be given to the winning poem to spend at The Sheffield Bookshop.

Entries to be mailed to
PO Box 169, Sheffield, Tasmania 7306


Closing date for entries to the Wilderness Gallery 2010 International Mural Fest is drawing near

ENTRIES for the Wilderness Gallery 2010 International Mural Fest will be closed on Friday 4th December 2009. Now in its eighth year, Mural Fest has become a signature annual event for Tasmania’s renowned Town of Murals.

Mural Artists from around the world will once again be vying for the $6000 Judges Choice Award. There is also the People’s Choice Award of $2000 and the Visitors Award of $1000 up for grabs for the mural(s) that inspire the most votes from the general public. As in previous Mural Fest paint-off’s, the 2010 International Mural Fest will see nine finalist artists complete a 2100mm high by 4800mm wide mural in 6.5 days. Each artist uses the same poem as the theme or inspiration for their mural.

The event has grown with visitor numbers. 8,000+ in one week.  Interest from Artists world wide want to be in the paint-off as much for the experience as for the chance to win one of the prizes on offer. To be considered for one of the nine finalist positions, artists must complete a 420mm x 960mm miniature of the mural that they intend to paint and submit their application to the organising committee by Friday 4th December 2009. The paint-off takes place during Easter Week, commencing on Sunday 4th April and ending on Saturday 10th April 2010. 

The 2009 entries currently on display in Mural Park will be taken down prior to the start of the 2010 competition , with the exception of the 2009 winner by Marc Spijkerbosch, the paintings are for sale. An Auction will be held during this time. Stay posted for further details closer to the date for your chance to take your favourite home.

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