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Welcome to Mural Fest!

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International Mural Fest is both a mural art competition and festival held annually at Easter in Sheffield, Tasmania's 'Town of Murals'.

The first of its kind in the world, the competition is held in Mural Park, a purpose-built 'outdoor art gallery' in the heart of Sheffield, and attracts artists and visitors from around the nation and globe. 

For more information please see our About page. And have a browse through our Photos to see Mural Fest in action


2015 Theme
Windows of our Dreams

2015 Poem
Windows of our Dreams

From a place of hope and plenty
Where a wish is all it seems
The wind of change blows gently
Through windows of our dreams
by Keith Sommer

Mural Fest is catching!

International Mural Fest now has a new family member. Inspired by the Sheffield story, a small battling town in South Australia bravely began their own Mural Fest in 2011. Having done an amazing job of getting a significant arts event off the ground, Jamestown Mural Fest is now in its forth year. Congratulations Jamestown!


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Important Dates

Sunday, 5th April 2015
Paint Off Starts
Mural Park, Sheffield

Saturday, 11th April 2015
Brushes Down - 1pm

Mural Park, Sheffield

Saturday, 11th April 2015
Winners Announced - 3pm
Mural Park, Sheffield